Friday, September 26, 2008

A tired week.

Finally, week 3 just ended.

Seriously, time flies..super fast. A blink of eye, already friday. Me still not yet have my dinner, i mean my proper dinner la. Cause just now went Pasar Ramadan bought ayam goreng to eat. Yum yum. >.<

Raya holidays around the corner, as in next week. Dunno got what to do. No where to go tim..Nah..just stay at home bah i guess.Hmmm...

Oh oh.. there's one funny thing happened to me when im showering, suddenly i was thinking what am i going to do during this comin holidays..lolz. Seriously, for quite awhile i din really thought of this kind of thing ady. Then, i was wondering how come my life suddenly become so boring 1?? LoL. I told Ken this, and he says i become emo again worr.. -.-

Anyway, i did have something to do la.. 1st thing of cause goin out with friends la..the normal gathering. =) Then on thursday, am going to Sutha's Birthday party at her house in Bant/ding.( sorry, forgot is a "t" or "d" ) In between, of cause i will relax in my home sweet home la..what else kan? =)

Oh oh...after Raya holidays, im goin to hospital luu.. YAY ! =) We are required to buy a stethoscope(can play doctor patient liao..) to take on each hospital visit, and also purchase a pouch to carry items that are needed for patient examination. Those items are :

1) Tape measure. ( like those taylor who use it to measure ur waist)

2) 2-3 Disposible wooden spatulas. (i wonder where am i going to get this...ah! steal it from clinic when the doctor is not la..maybe ask senior where they got this)

3) Cotton wool.

4) Sharp Toothpicks. (so that we can poke the patient when they make noise. is used to test the patient's nervous response. To check their response to pain. )

Cant wait to go.. =)