Friday, September 26, 2008

A tired week.

Finally, week 3 just ended.

Seriously, time flies..super fast. A blink of eye, already friday. Me still not yet have my dinner, i mean my proper dinner la. Cause just now went Pasar Ramadan bought ayam goreng to eat. Yum yum. >.<

Raya holidays around the corner, as in next week. Dunno got what to do. No where to go tim..Nah..just stay at home bah i guess.Hmmm...

Oh oh.. there's one funny thing happened to me when im showering, suddenly i was thinking what am i going to do during this comin holidays..lolz. Seriously, for quite awhile i din really thought of this kind of thing ady. Then, i was wondering how come my life suddenly become so boring 1?? LoL. I told Ken this, and he says i become emo again worr.. -.-

Anyway, i did have something to do la.. 1st thing of cause goin out with friends la..the normal gathering. =) Then on thursday, am going to Sutha's Birthday party at her house in Bant/ding.( sorry, forgot is a "t" or "d" ) In between, of cause i will relax in my home sweet home la..what else kan? =)

Oh oh...after Raya holidays, im goin to hospital luu.. YAY ! =) We are required to buy a stethoscope(can play doctor patient liao..) to take on each hospital visit, and also purchase a pouch to carry items that are needed for patient examination. Those items are :

1) Tape measure. ( like those taylor who use it to measure ur waist)

2) 2-3 Disposible wooden spatulas. (i wonder where am i going to get this...ah! steal it from clinic when the doctor is not la..maybe ask senior where they got this)

3) Cotton wool.

4) Sharp Toothpicks. (so that we can poke the patient when they make noise. is used to test the patient's nervous response. To check their response to pain. )

Cant wait to go.. =)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Cant even walk properly. Sien. Zzz...

My foot got injured yesterday night when i was goin to bank to withdraw some cash. One big piece of skin just got tear off right on the bottom of my left foot and it bleed...severely.( la, not severely la..but it bleed non-stop la.) Zzz. Seriously it was damn pain wey.. sobsob*
Everytime i bathe, i need to rest my foot on the toilet bowl's pan so that it wont kena water. So uncomfortable. -.-
And and, i cant even wear my pants properly. So 7 sien aarrrrr...

Today Sim lab was not as gud. Today session was MOD(mesial occlusal distal : meaning caries extending from Mesial side of a tooth all the way until Distal side.) Class II restoration. Do it on a 46. My matrix band application technique was still half way hanging. This causes my restoration on the distal side a bit cacat-ed. Plus my cavity prep was a little deep, as in slopping mesially. Sigh..

And.. today dota kena pwned kau kau. -.-


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Year 3 : Day 3

Didnt know my "year 3" will be totally different from the seniors' one. Sigh...

Today was super tiring. Slept for only 4 hours and woke up at 7am by TL. Get prepared and rush to campus to have breakfast before the busy day started.

2 funny incidents happened today.

First, TL was the 1st one to wake up today and he eventually, can say for the 1st time, or maybe the 2nd time wake me up for Moral studies. He eventually wake Kelvin up as well. lolz. FYI, kelvin took Moral studies while he's in A-Levels. =)

Second, while everyone was rushing, and eventually everyone got into the car, half way to campus, only CY realised that he wore slipper to campus. LOL. A formal dress coupled with slipper. LOL.

Reached campus around 7.40am and just got the chance to have a drink and then rush to class. By the time i reached there, everyone was waiting outside the class. The lecture hall is locked. -.-
And eventually got the know that class was cancelled. WTF. zzz

So, we decided to go for breakfast at the cafe.

9am was my Sim lab. Today was Class II Amalgam Preparation on the Mesial Occlusal of 37. Damn freaking nervous while drilling the artificial tooth. lolz. But luckily can still create an almost-satisfied-restoration. =)

After lunch, had 3 lectures in a row from 2pm to 5pm. Crazy. Was soooo not used to afternoon classes. Was actually "fishing" during the last lecture. ^^

What a tiring day, i can say. =)


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Year 3 : Day 1

A tired day.

Due to i din sleep well the day before first day of class. Maybe because of 3rd year starting, that's why i felt a little tiny bit of excitement. >.<

Keep on rolling on my bed, with my eyes closed but my mind still awake, thinking about how will my first day will be... how will ppl react to the shirt that im goin to wear.. FYI, they(my housemates) bought me a shirt from Topman for my birthday. And and their condition is : MUST WEAR IT ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS ! -.- what so surprise about this shirt is it colour and design. Well, not to say it doesnt look nice or wat, it does look nice, when it paired with jeans, but NOT IN FORMAL. -.- Is hard for me to explain bout that shirt (you know, my english sucks =P) but what i can tell you is that it is RED IN COLOUR, as in super bright red. (got what i mean?)

Anyway, today was just an introduction class with my Dean, Prof. Smales. He told us about what we goin to do this year and how we goin to catch up with what we left during 2nd year, the Partial Denture. We supposed to finished it by the end of 2nd year, but because of our technologies lab need to be shifted from the old campus to the new one, it eat up lots of our time there.

Plus, got my 2 weeks time table for the moment and the same old green form.(the-fees-paper). Still not sure when will the Raya holidays start.(see, first day itself already think of holidays...well, is normal bah) cause scare later no ticket go back to KL. Sien..

Well, that's all about my Day 1 back to campus. Gonna sleep now, nite. =)

p/s : about the shirt, i got lots of responds from almost everyone. Zzz -.-


Friday, August 08, 2008


A very special day and is a must remembered day especially for myself.

First of all, it is the opening ceremony for Beijing 2008 Olympics - waited to so long and finally it's a dream comes true for all the chinese in the world.

Secondly, today is my sister's birthday. Her 29th birthday. Happy birthday Sis !! =)

Lastly, it is today, one month full after we broke up.

Dunno whether to say im lucky or not. Today supposed to be a very special day for everyone. Chinese people(even western ppl) love the number 8 because it means wealthiness and prosperous, and everything that have an 8 in it, it means you are in a damn good luck.

Am i lucky today? I dun think so. Am i happy today? Im happy for my sister and Beijing Olympics but im not happy for myself. Maybe it's just an coincident, that i bet everyone of you would tell me that, but sometimes i do think that everything that had happened are destined to happen. That's your destiny!

Chat with my friend on msn yesterday.

Emo healer : ...dun think bout it 1st, no matter how much u think bout it now.. it wont fix things..and u cant do anything to fix things.. thats reality rite? y not try to let go and see smt positive out of this? Everything that happens also has a good out of it de... jus how u see it..

Emo healer : U can still be thankful u had this experience.. that u learnt to be a better person thru all these problems.. then maybe one day when u meet someone else.. u are ready for her le?

(L) *one Bunny (L) : i just dun wan myself to stuck with her..for so sanfu. So in one way, i wanna move on, i also wanna giv myself a chance to wait...not only to wait for her..but also wait for my someone to come..

Emo healer : that is only YOUR choice... and u are holding on to all these.. i know its difficult.. that's y we have time rite... at least .. things are happening now.. its a holiday .. time for u to clear ur mind and relax..

(L) *one Bunny (L) : Yeah...i know. Im clearing it now. At least i can moved on and get over it. But i will remain friend with her la..whether she wan it or not. And once i move on, of cause i will giv myself a chance to get to know others. Like wat i said, we dunno wat will happen in the future. So, now, my plan is : to get over it, to move on AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, to get rid of the feeling i have for her and to remain friends with her lor. and i will keep in mind tat : we dunno wat will happen in the future, why dun i just live everyday happily 1st..well,think bout it, is true also, i shouldnt always think bout those thing lorrr..

Emo healer : okay.. =) good... jia you.. uve been thru a lot.. u can go thru this de bah.. actually everything is a maybe.. everything is a possibility rite? but u cant choose everything u want.. if u can.. it woudlnt be life.. it'll be a programmed thing. no point rite? life is about choices and mistakes ma.. which.. in the end will bring happiness..

(L) *one Bunny (L) : hmmm wat u says is true also maybe this is my 1st time bah. still need time to accept it. i still "new" in this. i act feel better after chat with u. didnt know u sooo experience. thanks =)

I do feel better after i chat with this friend of mine.

My time is coming, the time that i can totally get over this and move on. I know it and i can feel it.


Monday, August 04, 2008

Single: Day 27

Yes,i still missed her.

Today i realised something. Something that actually should realised long time ago...

A relationship is both ways, or sides or watever u called it. It must involved both sexes/parties. Which means both sexes must sacrifice and coop with one another, then only the relationship will work out.

This relationship of 4 years has taught me so much. I've learned how to be selfless. I found out tat ppl are selfish when it comes to relationship(obviously). Some ppl will use watever ways in order/just to get what they want.(You know what i mean) Some ppl will even not allow their another half to mix or hang out with his/her friends. Selfish bastards/bitches. I hate these kind of ppl.(reminder: this is based on what i think, is my own opinion, if you agree with me, i do like to say thank you, if no, please do not get offended or misunderstand)

Trust, on the other hand, is a must-have in one's relationship. Without it, the bond between the couple will be weakened and eventually will break off. It must be applied to everyone, to those who just started a new relationship for the 1st time, those who just broke up and start a new relationship,and to those who already in relationship for few months to few years. It is one of the many reasons that cause my bonding with her got weakened and finally broken.

Maturity. Hah..i know i am not mature enough to talk about this, physically =P but mentally, yes i am mature enough to talk about it. If im not mature enough to control my emotions, I already collapsed long time ago and I might even give up my exam and go and find her. But I didn’t. What i mean is, one or both of the sexes must have enough maturity in their thought and actions. Please dun be childish. You must have faith in ur relationship and trusting your partner is very the important. What the fuck are you scared of?Are you scare that your partner will leave you? or go back to his/her previous partner? or cheated on you?Must remember : You are the one who choose her/him to be your partner, then you must let him/her know that they are the one for you and must trust each other. Sometime is good to have a heart-to-heart talk between couple, so that any misunderstanding can be solved and we can actually share each other's feeling and thought. This, in turn, will allow the couple to understand each other more and eventually the relationship will last long.

I always thought that she is the one and only for me. I didnt tell or show her, because im not tat kind of person that will tell or show my feelings(of cause im not always like that,at time i do show or tell), im not good in expressing myself,and not really good in communication and using appropriate words in appropriate time and place. Because i dunno how to express myself to her, which i think is one of the many reasons why she felt unhappy, unsecure and uncomfortable with me. And this, is also one of the reasons why my relationship cant work out.

Love and relationship is an endless topic. It will continue as long as there are still sparks btw them.

Her sparks has changed, changed to a different colour and pattern. Mine is still the same but smaller and dimmer than what i have for the past 4 years. Soon, i believe, it will slowly and eventually disappear and vanish.



Sunday, July 27, 2008

Single: Day 19

Today around 8.45am, she msg me, asking am i free on this coming sunday(my birthday), so can celebrate my bday.

I was sleeping at that time. Reply her around 2pm when im just woke up that of cause im free and i told her about my results.

Send another msg to her when i just reached kl. As usual, no reply from her.(biasa-dah)

Time flies,seriously. A blink of eye already 19 days. So fast.. Yesterday my emotion was a little disturbed, when hanging out with my friends in Gurney Plaza. Dunno why, maybe because im too tired or something. Or maybe is because of the memories of me and her in Gurney bah.

Sigh. Wont think so much now, "hen fan" ar. If i keep on like this, i will end up wasting my holidays doing nothing but thinking nonsense. No no, cannot let it happen.


Holidays. Finally.

My results finally out.

Surprisingly, i passed all the subjects with one distinction in OSCA.

Not to say i perasan or what, for those who know what had happened to me during my exam periods should understand why i use the word "surprisingly".

Im happy,of cause. Proud of myself as well. And i need to take this opportunity to thanks my family and friends to being so supportive and help me get through the hardest and most difficult exam in my entire life.(i think)

Now i can enjoy my holidays FULLY. Yeah, i mean FULLY. (btw, my holidays is until Sept 7)

So please dont hesitate to call or msg me(i will call u guys out as well) out since i'll be VERY free. Will always available for you.(exceptions: emergencies or in financial crisis or im travelling)

Goin to sleep now. Goodnight world.